Technology Overview

Measurecom™ (Measurement + Communication)

Measurecom® is the name of eePulse's proprietary software; it utilizes a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.


eePulse applications are housed at a secure site with redundant power and internet connections. The database is encrypted and all input and reporting is conducted using encrypted SSL browser connections. Access to data and reports requires client id, user id, and password.

The Measurecom® application is built to deliver

Fast survey engine - Robust web-based survey technology designed to deliver surveys to hundreds of thousands of employees; surveys are customized for each client, and they can be delivered in any language. eePulse can deliver:

  • Your company's own survey questions.
  • Validated metrics from eePulse's research and question library.
  • Help your organization create custom, new questions to meet your specific needs.
  • Load in your old survey results into our technology engine so trend data are available.

Fast survey reporting - Wide variety of reports, available in multiple languages, with options for super users, leaders, individual managers, and individual employees. Standard on-line reports with:

  • Executive summaries.
  • Detail question reports.
  • Auto categorized comment reports.
  • Customized reports (designed for the client).
  • Meeting-in-a-box reports (presentations with speaker notes for all managers to use).
  • Personal reports provide each employee with his/her own report showing personal scores vs. any benchmark you choose to share (e.g. department average, company average, etc.).

Off-line reporting, customized for clients include:

  • Executive briefings (off-line reports that tell the story in the data vs. provide stacks of pages).
  • Technical reports (detailed reports showing different views and cuts of data as required by client).
  • White papers based on your data.
  • Case studies used for executive and management learning modules (using your data).

Built for Speed and Fast Results

eePulse is the first company to provide pulse surveys as frequently as weekly since 1996. This has led to innovations in our technology that focus on high speed (in delivery of surveys and in reporting), high accuracy and quality, and fast results.

Fast Reporting

On-line reports for all managers and all employees can be delivered within 24 hours of the survey closing.

Fast Action

Using a mix of eePulse's validated metrics, fast reporting technology, fast action taking technology, and train-the-trainer work (to prepare internal consultants), you can have all your managers taking actions that lead to measurable and positive results within days of survey close.

Fast Dialogue Tools

Employees and managers use the Event Log to track what is affecting them at work; this leads to high powered conversations. Other tools include embedded social network tools, manager response function, instant focus groups (answer survey comments anonymously and engage in dialogue), and more via customized portals focused on data and dialogue (not just more data).

Fast Project Management Process

eePulse has a proprietary implementation and project management process, supported by on-line tools, that guarantees fast action and leadership by example.

Why the focus on speed?

When managers believe the data are timely and accurate, they are inspired to take action. If managers don't think the data are accurate or telling today's story, they are not compelled to take action. Without action, the organization sees zero results (or negative results because employees are frustrated by lack of responsiveness to their engagement in the survey process).

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